GrainPro Cocoon™

GrainPro's Cocoon ™ have been built with proven methods throughout history in the battle against hunger. Hermetic storage has been used for thousands of years.People kept grains sealing underground caves or pottery vessels, which are still being discovered with their contents intact.

The technological advances that made the Cocoon™ from GrainPro a success are:
(1) The development of space-age plastics with barriers against gases and reinforced hermetic zips;
(2) Our scientific approach of rigorous field tests and laboratory tests;
(3) Our emphasis on designing simple and practical equipment that supports the most adverse conditions.

For Ultra-Hermetic Coffee Storage

The Cocoon ™ for ultra-hermetic storage of coffee offer a low cost alternative solution that can be used in the most convenient place: drying patios, open spaces or in cellars.

Among the benefits are:

  • The Cocoon ™ closes in a hermetic way preventing the absorption or loss of moisture in the grain.
  • They do not require electric power, to move fans, and maintain an adequate temperature.
  • They are easily transportable, they do not need a permanent installation.
  • They do not require the use of insecticides and / or fungicides for the protection of the grain against insects and rodents.

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Summary Table

GrainPro Cocoon™

Style Ultra-hermetic storage
Material Special polymer membrane.
Capacity 5TM, 10TM, 20TM, 50 TM , 100 TM y 150 TM
Internal dimensions 110x85x15, 120x85x15, 120x90x18, 140x100x30, 140x100x50, 140x110x40